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The Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF) is a community of public interest minded students, faculty, and practitioners at Boston College Law School. We believe that a legal education should be utilized to advance the greater good and that all students should have the opportunity to pursue a path of service. We encourage the exploration of numerous legal avenues by broadening access to inclusive public service opportunities, while striving for the financial security of every student using their legal degree for positive change. 


PILF is a student-run organization that focuses on making public interest law more accessible to all BC Law students. Members of the PILF Board organize events, fundraise, and engage in alumni outreach to foster a culture of public interest at BC. General members of PILF are encouraged to attend events, participate in volunteer opportunities, and engage in public service with the support of PILF stipends.




For over thirty years, PILF students have raised money to support fellow students who want to work in the public interest, but cannot afford to work for free. PILF summer stipends allow students to serve the public interest, regardless of financial circumstance.  For more information about stipends, including how to apply, visit the stipends page.



PILF facilitates substantial public interest programming at BC Law including alumni networking events, bi-weekly DEI round tables, and various invited speaker events.  We also annually host the White Saviorism Workshop, the PILF Toy Drive, the PILF Auction and Celebration of Public Interest.  Additionally, PILF works to connect public interest minded students with administrative and career resources as they map their path as legal practitioners.



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