Meet the PILF Board

The Public Interest Law Foundation is run by 1Ls, 2Ls, and 3Ls who are dedicated to fostering a community of public service at BC Law.  Members of the PILF Board meet weekly to plan fundraising, alumni outreach, and public interest programming. Successes of the PILF Board include: funding summer stipends for over thirty years, facilitating a public interest mentorship program, and organizing PILF's Days of Service and annual Toy Drive. 

2020-2021 PILF Executive Board

Cameron Casey '21


Alyssa Rao '21

VP of Operations

Abby Rosenfeld '21

VP of Programming

Hannah Reisinger '21

VP of Development

Kadie Martin '21

VP of Finance 

Ryan Kenney '22

VP of Alumni Engagement

2020-2021 PILF Board

Kayla King '22

Stipends Director

Samuel Hussman '23

Stipends Chair

Alejandro Sanchez-Wong '23

Stipends Chair 

Alexandra Kelly '22

Auction Operations Director

Jon Cubetus '23

Auction Operations Chair

Joseph Swain '23

Auction Operations Chair

Victoria Kulwicki '22

Procurement Director 

Brittany Bowers '23

Procurement Chair

Isabella Forcino '23

Procurement Chair

Elaine Lee '22

Student Relations Director

Sarah Litwin '23

Student Relations Chair

Olivia Mendoza '23

Student Relations Chair

Julia Sauve '22

Career Development Director

Alizeh Ahmad '23

Career Development Chair

Jaeyeon Lee '23

Career Development Chair

Olivia Sedita '22

Community Events Director 

Anna Niles '23

Community Events Chair

Kristen Rosa '22

Director of Operations

Talia Weseley '23

Operations Chair 

Molly Jane Thoms '22

Director of Donor Development

Julia Palmerino '23

Donor Development Chair

Caroline Meade '22

Director of Alumni Relations

Molly Huff '23

Alumni Relations Chair

Kira Kaur '23

Alumni Relations Chair 

Mariatu Okonofua '23

DEI Chair

Dhairya Bhatia '23

DEI Chair